6. Better Lips than Kylie Jenner Before Plastics Surgery 2

Better Lips than Kylie Jenner Before Plastics Surgery

Better Lips than Kylie Jenner Before Plastics Surgery 1

When we are talking about the Kardashians, we would mostly talk about her fondness of plastic surgery. Many of their family members had plastic surgery at least once. One of them is Kylie Jenner. She is no different; she did some change on her face. We never thought that was wrong or it bad for her. After all, what she did is her right and she looks fabulous with her changes today. And, if it’s Kylie Jenner, the most easiest to see where she did some change is her lips. Kylie is well-known with her full and sexy lips. In fact, her lips even become trend few years ago, where many people try to imitate her lips’ shape. But, if you look at the photo of Kylie Jenner Before Plastics Surgery, you wouldn’t believe that she has totally different lips shape than you can find today. Her lips before plastic surgery are much thinner. It’s not full at all and sexy like what you can find today. So, what make her lips changes like what you can find today? The answer is Dr. Simon Ourian.

6. Better Lips than Kylie Jenner Before Plastics Surgery 2

Dr. Simon Ourian is surgeon from Los Angeles that did some lip augmentation to Kylie Jenner. And, that’s not all. He is also the person that did lot of laser treatment to Kylie’s sisters, Kim and Khloe Kardashian. We can say that Dr. Simon is the favorite doctor for Kardashians. According to Kylie, this doctor is really natural and open minded. She can talk anything about what she wants to do with her face to Dr. Simon. That make the process and result that she get is much better than other doctor, like what you can see on Kylie Jenner Before And After Lips photo. Dr. Simon also made video that you can watch to know the process of lip augmentation that he did to Kylie. The process can be said is quite simple. It doesn’t need long time to finish the session. He only needs around 15 minutes to give the surgery and the result can be seen immediately. The process also doesn’t require some slice on the lips. Just few injections of lip augmentation substance and it’s done.

6. Better Lips than Kylie Jenner Before Plastics Surgery 4

6. Better Lips than Kylie Jenner Before Plastics Surgery 3

However, according to Dr. Simon, the process to reshape Kylie’s lips doesn’t work instantly. It need several session and quite long time to shape it into best shape like what you can find today. And we can say, he did great job and successfully give Kylie great result, if you see Kylie Jenner Lips Before And After photo. The main reason why the result can be this great is because Dr. Simon uses multiple stage of lip augmentation. He did small changes on Kylie’s lips. Then, slowly improve and enhance it. This way the result is much more beautiful and perfect. And, if you want to try this process, maybe you need to consider it a little bit more. It’s because the price is quite expensive. For a session that will last around 15 minutes, you need to pay from $1,900 to $3,900. So, we can see how much Kylie spend to get one of sexiest lips you can find today.