Was Angelababy Plastics Surgery Really True 1

Was Angelababy Plastics Surgery Really True?

Was Angelababy Plastics Surgery Really True 1

Angelababy is one of the famous Chinese actresses. She is famous with her beauty, especially if you are looking at her in her wedding dress on her wedding. Her face can be said as one of the perfect face you can found. More than that, she isn’t only beautiful. She is also very talented. She can sing really well. Her act is also really good. That makes her as one of the top celebrities in China. However, there is also another hot news about her. It’s regarding her appearance. Many people has suspicion that Angelababy had plastic surgery before. The rumor about Angelababy Plastics Surgery is caused by her appearance, before and after.

Was Angelababy Plastics Surgery Really True 2

We can say that people’s suspicion is quite normal. If you compare her photo from her earlier career and today, you will see, that there are big different. The lips, nose and chin has similar, yet different shape. We can say that she has perfected the shape, which make those parts looks more beautiful. And of course, this is also affected her appearance, entirely.

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The most noticeable changes are her eyelids. If you compare it with her past photo, you can see that her eyelids have become wider. This makes Angelababy looks like have bigger eyes. The other change that is also pretty much visible is the nose. It looks like; Angelababy did some refining on her nose bridge. Now, her nose bridge has straighter line, which it changes her most of facial lines. The last but not least is her jaw. We can see that her jaw is more protruding.  However, her jaw can be said as the most interesting and clearly proof that she did some plastic surgery on her face. When you look at her photo in 2010, you can find that Angelababy has sharp chin and jaw. However, in 2015 photo, you can find that her jaw isn’t as sharp and protruding like previously. This condition can be said that she did some filler surgery to add more volume on her jaw and chin. But, along with time, the filler is dissolved and disappear, which make her chin, went back to its previous condition and shape. But, even though there are many proofs that show that she had some plastic surgery, we can say that she looks great today. She is one of most beautiful actress you can find in China. So, it doesn’t matter, actually.

But, Angelababy think different. She keeps denying that she had some plastic surgery. To proof her statement, she even went to plastic surgeon to check her face, to find the trace of plastic surgery. The surgeon where she went to is Qi Zuoliang, from Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. She did lot of examination and even X-Ray and it found that she didn’t have any of what people say about her appearance. The only change that she admitted is that she wears brace to fix her teeth and jaw. And, we can say that this is true, because her teeth in the past aren’t that good.