Joan Rivers before Plastic Surgery: Fashion Disaster : Joan Rivers before plastic surgery looks more pleasant compared to what she got after went several plastic surgeries. Joan after had couple of times Botox injections fairly looks like a caricature and older than her real ages.  She obsessed of having thinner nose but unfortunately, the botched surgery made her nose asymmetric and unpleasant to look.  There is nothing much she could do; having another surgery to reshape her nose would eventually make it worse.

Joan Rivers before Plastic Surgery: Face Damaging

Joan Rivers before Plastic Surgery 1

Plastic surgery either can make dazzling changes or disaster. This might be the strongest shout out to prevent more victims on having botched surgery. Indeed, plastic surgery for aesthetic reason can help you to reshape and contour your face but in fact there are so many casualties found due to surgery procedure.

Joan rivers plastic surgery is one of the evidence that plastic surgery highly potential end up with damage face.  The point is that, there are still a lot of options to have a better look rather than having dramatically changed through surgeon. I personally prefer the use of make up to create better looks on face. Believe it or not make up is great power to contour your nose and create balance effect to the whole of face. Just learn more about how to use contouring or other make up stuffs if you want to look prettier.

Joan Rivers before Plastic Surgery: “Funny Face” of Queen of Comedy

Joan Rivers before Plastic Surgery 2x

Joanna River is a famous comedian at her era, she is so talented and pretty as well.  Today, the fashion world mourns for what happened to Joan face. If only she wouldn’t have been in those plastic faces she is still look quit pretty now.  Her faces should never be funny (funny in bad terms) like her act in television.

Joan rivers plastic surgery timeline starts when her career as comedian ascending.  Awarded as a queen of comedy, Joan is getting too obsessed of having perfect looking. First work of her plastic surgery began with the eyelid surgery and followed with other surgeries. She admitted that she has been gone too far with her faces and her “work “ has been overdone but still it is hard to be stopped.