Catwoman Plastic Surgery Phenomenon

Catwoman plastic surgery is one of the most interesting news in the world where one woman tries to have a plastic surgery on their face to imitate the face of a cat. This unique news is quite popular especially for expert in plastic surgery that deems this plastic surgery as one of the worst plastic surgery that ever exists. To make it even worst, the women who are undergoes plastic surgery has lost for approximately $4.000.000 in order to undergoes this crazy plastic surgery. The women who are undergoes this plastic surgery is named Jocelyn Wildenstein a 73 years old women who now is now known as the infamous catwoman due to her plastic surgery fail.

The Failed Catwoman Plastic Surgery Incident

Jocelyn first start to undergo Plastic surgery Catwoman in order to impress her husbands who are known to like cats. Because Jocelyn herself also loves cat, she then decide to transform her face to looks like a cat face. Jocelyn face surgery is massive because you can see significant change in her face. Some of the predicted face surgery that she has undergoes is face lift surgery, chin surgery, lips shape enhancement, breast implant and of course the injection of Botox. This list is of course not the only procedures that Jocelyn has undergoes because with the significant change in her face and body we never know what other procedures may take place. Additionally, she also waste $4.000.000 to change her face which means there are absolutely other face and body surgery that se done.

Cat lady plastic surgery is one of the worst evidence of how plastic surgery can happen in our life. even though plastic surgery in the present day are safe, it also need a lot of time and attention because one wrong step then the face surgery will go horribly wrong just like how Jocelyn Wildenstein now suffer for. Additionally, it is also not a wise idea to undergo a massive plastic surgery because it may cause us to suffer from failed surgery which will ruin our face in the end.

The moral story of this surgery is quite sad and ironic indeed. At first Jocelyn want to impress her husband and make him loves her more with a new face that imitates what her husband like best which is cat face. however, the end result are horrifying because not only the surgery make Jocelyn face looks similar or inspired by a cat it has transformed her into a cat itself. Now Jocelyn must live her life with odd eyes shape, lips shape that is far from normal because of the Catwoman plastic surgery.