Melania Trump Before Plastic Surgery

Melania Trump Before Plastic Surgery 3

Melania Trump Before Plastic Surgery – If mentioning the name of Trump would be our mind will lead to the figure of a new president of the United States at this time filled with the controversy of Donald Trump. The man who was involved in the international business world was unexpectedly going to lead the United States after defeating Hillary Clinton in the presidential election a few months ago. We leave Donald Trump for a moment because for now we will not discuss the white- haired man but this time we will still offend another member of the Trump family that is Melania Trump is an important figure behind the success of Donald Trump won the office as President of the United States.

Profile Melania Trump

Melania Trump Before Plastic Surgery

Melania Trump is the second lady who came from outside the United States after Louisa Adams in 1825. Born in 1970 in Novo Mesto, an area in the southeast part of the Socialist Republic of Slovenia with the original name Melania Knauss and changed its name to Melania Trump since He married a successful businessman who now serves as the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. In his youth Melania was known as a top advertising model and star by having 10 employment contracts at a price of $ 20,056 in 1996.

He was granted US citizenship status after permanent residence in the United States from 2001 as a magazine and advertising star model. Finally Melania gained her citizenship status through a naturalization process conducted in 2006. The story of her meeting with Donald Trump originated from Fahion Week event which was held in New York in 1998 and finally Melania worked at Tump Model Management owned by Donald Trump and since then Their relationship got closer and eventually they decided to get married in 2015 in Palm Beach, Florida.

Melania Trump Before Plastic Surgery


In the journey of her little Melania who was 5 years old at that time has plunged into the model world and became one of the stars in the age of advertising Which is 16 years old. It turned out that his talent was wafted into the Italian state until finally he got a chance to become an international model after getting help from the model agency from the city of Milan Italy at the age of just stepping 18 years. If seen from his profession as a model then it can be ascertained if Melania has a nice body shape and beautiful face that is able to captivate the men not with the exception of Donald Trump who now becomes her husband.

In fact he also had to follow some beauty events such as The Apprentice in 2004, Miss USA in 2003 and Fashion Weeks Diaries in 2005. If ever follow such beauty event then no doubt that he does have a beautiful face, dark skin the exotic, bright blue eyes and the proportion of his face make him often juxtaposed with some beautiful artist of the world. But her beauty did not satisfy her until various issues emerged that she had plastic surgery on some parts of her face.

Melania Trump Few Suspicious

Melania Trump Before Plastic Surgery1



Changes Rumors are getting stronger after her appearance in recent years looks very different than a few years ago when she still has not Married Donald Trump. Well married to one of the successful US businessmen seemed to make him become rich in wealth and finally made him interested to make some changes on the face with an instant manner known as plastic surgery. If observed carefully there some changes that occur on the face until finally a variety of speculations appear among the

Botox Injection

Based on records sourced from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons states that Botox Injection is the type of beauty treatment is most often done by women who are stepping on the United States Age 40 years, especially for Hollywood artists who want to stay young also includes Melania Trump. This kind of treatment model is intended to eliminate wrinkles or other signs of aging that began to appear so that their faces look younger, free from keript and look firmer.

Nose Job

Another part of Melania’s face that also did not escape the public’s attention due to rumors of plastic surgery that he lived was the nose. The nasal passage is indeed one of the faces that are often changed for someone undergoing plastic surgery procedures. Many assume that the nose shaping made by Melania is inspired by Ivanka Trump who performs Rhinoplasty to make her nose look better

Breast Implants

Another part that did not escape from Melania’s changes was part of her chest. As a 45-year-old woman it would be impossible if the changes appear clear on the part of her breasts. So people think that Melania Trump do breast implants to beautify the body shape at the age that has been headed four. Melania Trump

Melania Trump After Plastic Surgery


Indeed, by doing plastic surgery a person will be able to obtain a more proportionate body shape or shape. For example, such as plastic surgery that has been done by Melania, now he looks seen to have a firmer skin and a more shaped face. Then for other parts now his nose looks more upright and slender when compared to previously he had a slightly widened nose shape accompanied by a small bump at the end but now it is not visible to him. Not only that after doing breast implants now he looks more sexy, has an ideal and proportional shape in the age of growing.

Changes in breast size is seen in the self-first mother of this country is so obvious because the chest now looks bigger and more uplifted than before. The changes that occur in the shape of the face and body shape that occurs in Melania Trump itself is undeniable or blamed especially in the United States that upholds the human rights of every human being. After reportedly doing plastic surgery because Melania’s drastic self- change is now indeed look more elegant, especially with a closed fashion when attending state events.

Regardless of his attitude with some treatment he underwent such as botox injections, breast implants and nose job somewhat successful because no adverse effects that appear after he did plastic surgery. But even so there are some people who see his latest appearance a little more strange in addition he also received criticism from some people because of his decision to perform plastic surgery.

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