Kriss Jenner Before Plastic Surgery

Kriss Jenner before plastic surgery4

Kriss Jenner Before Plastic Surgery – When talking about Hollywood artists there will never be an end to the article the Hollywood actresses always have the achievements and sensations that deserve to be discussed. One of the rumors that often strikes Hollywood actresses, especially artists who have had more than 30 years of age, is a rumor about plastic surgery. Unmitigated so many artists who are associated with this type of hazy operation ranging from young to old, both male and female all must have been reported to have plastic surgery. No exception with Kriss Jenner one of these elderly Hollywood actresses.

Profile Kriss Jenner

Kriss Jenner Before plastic surgery

If talking about Kriss Jenner we will certainly also talk about two big families who once decorated the life of Kriss. Full name Kristin Marry Houghton she was born in an area in San Diego, California, United States on November 5, 1955. He belonged to an elderly actress who still exist until now, popular actress began when he reality Star show on a television station With the title Keeping Up With The Kardashian. The show tells of the life of his own family when he was still the husband of Robert Kardashian, the event became one of America’s favorite television show until it finally made his name also soared.

But his marriage to Robert Kardashian lasted only 13 years and they divorced in 1981 and finally Kriss remarried with Bruce Jenner in the same year until finally his second marriage also back aground in 2015. Apart from being an entertainer he also works as a businessman, socialite and talent Manager. He had opened a child boutique in 2004, while as a manager he had become a menager of Kim Kardashian who is his sister and manage some of his younger brothers and sisters. He also had released an autobiography book about her life with Kardashian family.

Kriss Jenner Before Plastic Surgery

Kriss Jenner before plastic surgery5

Kriss spelled out as a Hollywood actress who achieved success at a fairly old age. He is one of the smart actress hollywood yag keep up appearances, at the age of more than 60 years he still looks fresh, seen only a few wrinkles that arise in his face when he expressed. In addition he also often reap the praise because in the age that has begun to age Kriss looks still look stunning though there are some parts of the skin that began to loose. But it is natural and will be experienced by everyone, his new appearance some time ago is on the marriage of his beloved daughter Kim.

Changes in the structure of his face is noticed by the people around him, his face skin looks firmer and the shape of his cheeks look more upward when compared with previous photos and Kriss appearance. Eventually speculation began to emerge and led to Kriss, he was suspected of having surgery or similar treatment procedures that made his face look a little younger and the structure of his face slightly different. Before doing plastic surgery Kriss has a slightly rounded face, has a chubby cheeks and the structure of his face looks more natural when Kriss Jenar Before Plastic Surgery. Now all the signs are not visible on Kriss Jenar’s face.

Kriss Jenner Few Suspicious Changes

Kriss Jenner before plastic surgery4

The allegation that Kriss had plastic surgery first appeared when his daughter’s birthday party named Kim. After being questioned Kriss replied that he currently needs a little refresher for his daughter’s wedding. Just do what a girl needs to do. From his words it indicates that he really has done plastic surgery.

Kriss Jenner Nose job

The part of the face that is often the center of attention, especially the hollywood artist is the part of his nose until finally many Hollywood artists and aris asia who do nose job and one of them is Kriss Jenner.

Kriss Jenner Boob job

For this time the part that allegedly has obtained plastic surgery comes from other parts of his body and not from his face. Kriss allegedly has done boob job to improve and make his body look more ideal and proporsional.

Kriss Jenner Cheek Fillers

Another part that also did not escape from the alleged plastic surgery is his cheek because of the different shapes and structures that appear on his cheeks are very visible. Allegedly Kriss has cheek fillers to improve his appearance to look younger and look more perfect.

Kriss Jenner Botox

Not only that Kriss is also rumored to have done botox to cover the aging that began to appear on his face. Botox is one quick solution to overcome the aging signs that appear on the face so many people including Hollywood artists who perform this kind of treatment.

Kriss Jennar After Plastic Surgery

Kriss Jenner before plastic surgery3

After performing plastic surgery Kriss Jenner does look younger, has a firmer skin and a face free of wrinkles when he expresses. According to Dr. Anthony Youn, quoted from the Hollywood Life website, believes that his cheeks appear more supple that the possible effects of the procedure of beauty that he lived like cheek fillers. The shape of his face looks more uplifted, chubby cheeks that he had had a few months ago has now vanished and his face now looks more gaunt.

When viewed as a whole the Kriss does look very much different and like the Kriss they knew a few months earlier. Not only the shape and structure of his face are changed because the changes also appear on the body. Reportedly has been doing boob job now he is seen to have a breast with a larger size and more lifted. With so in his age that somewhat aged Kriss still has a beautiful body shape and proportional even though everyone does not agree with it.

Kriss Jenner Result of Plastic Surgery

Kriss Jenner before plastic surgery2

Indeed we can not justify or blame the actions of someone who has done plastic surgery that also keeps the negative effects as well as the risk is large enough because everyone has a right especially in America, known as a country that respects the rights of each individual . For example rumors that lead to the Kriss Jenar. Although many praise for his decision to perform plastic surgery but on the other hand also not a few people who criticize and reproach him. But if viewed as a whole actually Kriss Jenner looks more beautiful and charming before doing plastic surgery.

His natural face is like having its own charm to everyone who sees it. It was also reinforced by the comments of some fans and people who noticed him claiming that Kriss looked odd, looking worse and not getting any more beautiful at all. So it can be concluded that plastic surgery that has been done by Kriss Jenner failed to change his face to be more beautiful and more interesting.

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