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Khloe Kardashian Before Plastic Surgery

Khloe Kardashian Before Plastic Surgery – Kardashian family is one of the families that is quite phenomenal and seize the attention of people especially for the people of the United States. One member of the Kardashian family who is often discussed by many people is Kim Kardashian both because of his achievement and because of the video scandal that was sticking out in 2007 and the proximity with footballer from Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo a few years ago. But for this time we will not discuss Kim Kardashian because we will discuss Khloe Kardashian who is still in a member of the Kardashian family or rather is the sister of Kim Kardashian.

Profile Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian Before Plastic Surgery

As a sister Khloe who was born on 27 June 1984 is not much different from Kim Kardashian famous for its controversy that he made. This time the public again thrown with Khloe Kardahian activity which some time ago was caught after visiting a beauty clinic known as a place to perform plastic surgery. Suspicion by the media grew stronger when Khloe quit the Epione Salon in Beverly Hills, California on Monday, May 2, 2016 local time in unde rcover attire. Dressed like that it seems like Khloe wants to avoid the media crew but unfortunately the media crew can still recognize the appearance of the beauty clinic. He came out of the beauty clinic using black outfit, black- eyed and black hat that made him like a man when viewed from a distance.

In addition, when out of the beauty clinic, Khloe also tried to cover almost all parts of his body and face with a black jacket which at that time he was wearing. However, based on sources from Ok Magazine that the woman who had become a wife (famous American basketball player) Lamar Odom is not using bandages on the face so that the indication of plastic surgery to be reduced. But on the other hand other indications also participate sticking out, Khloe alleged to have made changes in the lips either injections or filler. But certainly at the bottom of Khloe’s lips appears a cream that indicates he has done something on the part of his lips. And indeed after some time passed since the incident Khloe Kardashian re-emerged with a slightly different appearance.

And it is true on the lips look very different from his previous appearance, his lips look more contained and shaped. In addition, his lips now look more sexy than before. Before the incident occurred during an interview session with Cosmopolitan, one of the leading magazines in the United States, he revealed that until then had never done plastic surgery but he also did not hate plastic surgery so there is no possibility he will do plastic surgery someday. And then it is true that some time ago (2/5) he went to a beauty clinic that has been known as a place for plastic surgery.

Additionally Khloe also added that if she is one of the celebrities of plastic surgery fans of the words she reveals to Cosmopolitan magazine “There’s something wrong if you say I do not like plastic surgery, because I’m one of those who loves plastic surgery and I Also do not care if you also do the same thing “according to Khloe plastic surgery is almost the same as makeup. Both of these have the same goal of beautifying the face and eliminating the apparent flaws in a person’s face. By 2015 there are several photos of Khloe that appear to be very different from the previous few months.

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Khloe Kardashian Before Plastic Surgery 2

The first photo of the mirror depicts a tapered face, with a smaller, slender chin and a smaller nose that looks smaller than usual. He claimed that the more gaunt face shape is derived from the makeup effect of his best team at once which is supported by a very good camera effect. But he also did not deny if in fact he also wanted to do plastic surgery but still failed to do at that time because he feels at this time does not require plastic surgery because he felt then had the best makeup team. But after one year ago in May 2016 ago as quoted by one of the leading magazines in the United States that he had just come out of a beauty clinic known as a place of plastic surgery and the results of lips from Khloe Kardashian appear thicker when reappear After the event.

And finally Khloe admits that she has done fillers but she does not think it fits her because she feels the effect and makes her face look weird and she has to eliminate the effect for up to three treatments. Indeed since Khloe split with her husband Lamar Odom in 2016 ago brought a considerable impact on his life until finally he wanted to change his appearance from posture to facial treatments such as plastic surgery earlier. Khloe Kardashian now looks very skinny because very skinny makes him criticized from many people. In addition he now also looks taller and whiter and has lips that are thicker than before.

Though a few years before he was one of the sweet black women in the United States has an ideal shape is not too thin and not too fat. But when compared with other Teyana Taylor family of women full name Khloe Alexander Kardashian is a member of the Kardashian family who has the greatest body shape. Indeed, although the Kardashian family lives with the wealth of treasures it seems that all did not make them able to live happily including Khloe Kardashian Since 2007 Khloe has been caught several cases that violate the law as in 2007 he was caught driving a car under the influence of alcoholic beverages that make it must be arrested In prison for some time as well as a treatment program to stay away from alcoholic beverages for three weeks.

That is one example of the many stories Khloe’s life journey before he did a major overhaul on his performance. Nevertheless Khloe belongs to a successful member of Kardashian family with various film series or television series that he starred. Of the few series that are still active up to now is Keeping Up With The Kardashian who acted as one of the major players since 2007 and the newest series is Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian which aired in 2017 right now.