Did Britney Spears Get A Nose Job? What Do You Think?

Britney Spears, an American lady singer who always makes controversial things in the music industry. Now, there is a thing which has been talked about by most people. The rumor is that Britney Spears is suspected to have a plastic surgery – especially nose job. Even though a plastic surgery is a common issue which attack Britney Spears since 1999, she now gets it again. However, she always denies the speculations which come to her. If you want to ask; Did Britney Spears Get A Nose Job? We will answer your question by giving explanations and photos.

Did she have a plastic surgery?

You will find the answer by looking at her older and latest photos. Moreover, if you are a fan of Britney Spears from her first appearance, you will easily find the differences. As you can see, the bulbous nose which Britney Spears had in the past, now is transformed into a pointed and shaped nose. Besides, the nose bridge which Britney Spears has, now is narrower. Because of it, she looks sexier and sultry. Not only that, she is also suspected to make a change for her lips. Now, Britney Spears has puffy lips which make her fans become stunned. In addition, an interview which was conducted by Style Magazine in 2013, stated that Britney Spears had admitted to have lip injections.

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The Doctor who becomes Britney Spears’s plastic surgeon is Dr. Raj Knanodla – in Beverly Hills. This thing was revealed by herself when she had an interview in Instyle, in 2014. Another body part which is suspected to be overhauled is her stomach. Britney Spears also admitted that her stomach was also included in the body parts which had plastic surgery. Here, She underwent a liposuction to remove the excess fats from the abdominal area. Because of it, you will never notice Britney Spears with sagging stomach. Perhaps, this made her became well known for the dance moves in the past for Disneys. Who Knows?

In lately, after posting a picture on the Instagram, Britney Spears gets a new rumor. Here, she is suspected to have a plastic surgery for her boobs. If you want to compare her new photos, you may find that her boobs are more rounded than in the past photos. A well known plastic surgeon who is called Dr. Andrew Miller said that, Britney has some differences compared with the past years, especially in 2017. This may seem normal because this singer has been entertaining people for two decades. He also said that, everything which happens on Britney look natural, so anything which has been done, it must be done very well.

So, are the rumors real?

Again, if you are going to give a question like; Did Britney Spears Get A Nose Job? You have to see the progresses which are made by Britney Spears. Based on the fact that she has admitted that she got lip injections, she also rejects all of the speculation which relates to the plastic surgery. Besides, Britney Spears also mentions that she gets a significant difference by using nice face-care product. So, let us ask you a question, do you think Britney Spears get a plastic surgery?