Jeffree Star Before and After3

Jeffree Star Before and After Makeup

Although he is widely known as a make-up artist, Jeffree Star is actually an American songwriter, singer, model, and even a fashion designer from California. He was born in 1985, November 15th, and started his career in music on a website of social networking called MySpace. He is initially known due to his self-released musical creations. The first album he released under Popsicle Record was entitled Beauty Killer, which officially hit the show in 2009.

However, what makes the spectators difficult to forget him is no other than his appearance. Jeffree Star is popular for his transgressive appearance and gender bending persona which are highlighted by his bold style. Both of his music and fashion design careers are started through MySpace. He also often used that social networking site to tell his audiences about his personal life. All of his popularity leads him to get a title as the “Most Popular Unsigned Artist”. In this article, you will find more facts about Jeffree Star, including his rare without-makeup appearance.

Jeffree Star’s Makeup

He is easy to recognize thanks to his iconic bright pink hair and pink eyebrows. His signature look leaves a strong impression for his audiences. It can be clearly seen that he is unafraid of implementing such bold colors, even other than pink. You may realize that it is not an easy task not to look tacky and weird when wearing such a bright blue colored eyeshadow, but Jeffrey Star has successfully done it. He makes a new trend of transforming this unusual look into a more modern and sophisticated look that many people love yet cannot do.

Creating a make up tutorials which can be considered as high quality alone is not an easy job to do. However, Jeffree has successfully done that and he is even also able to make a vegan, high quality, and safe cosmetic products on his own. He has his own brand under the management of his company, named ”Jerffee Star Cosmetics”. His company produces the favorite liquid lipsticks called Velour. The lipsticks come with a variety of colors. Jeffree claims that the color variations of his lipstick are inspired by candy colors which he thinks can suit various moods.

Jeffree Star Without Makeup

We should admit that most of times, we see Jeffree looks stunning with his neon colored eyeshadow or sometimes with a beautiful sparkling bronze. Realize it or not, we rarely see him showing himself up without wearing any makeup. Have you ever wondered how Jeffree will look like without any of his bold makeup? The following pictures will let you know how the YouTube star looks without his eye catching makeup.

In one picture, Jeffree Star’s face is fully covered by a rather thick foundation and powder. He also applies bold eyeshadow and mascara. Her neon colored lipstick also makes a special highlight on his look. In another picture, he shows off his natural look without the application of any highly pigmented makeup, which makes him look so much eye catching. Just observe the pictures and think on your own which one you like more.