Has Vanna White Had Plastic Surgery, If We Can Only See the Unchanged Face of This Lady?

Has Vanna White Had Plastic Surgery? This kind of question maybe won’t show up in your mind, if you just following Wheel of Fortune show recently. However, if you have been follow this show since long time ago or 1982 precisely. In her first appearances as the host for this show in 1982, Vanna was still 26 years old. And, today, she still involved with this show as hostess with the looks and appearance that doesn’t change that much compared to her first appearance in this show. Because of this, many people questioned if Vanna has done any plastic surgery, to keep her face looks in great condition and younger. After all, Vanna is 60 years this year. So, it’s impossible for a 60 years old woman doesn’t have that much wrinkles, fuller cheeks and smooth skin. In normal condition, there is always aging trace on her face. But, we can say that Vanna doesn’t have that. Because of this, we can only guest that she had plastic surgery to remove that aging mark.

The most visible sign that Vanna did plastic surgery is the laughing lines or wrinkles. It’s normal for aged woman and even normal one, to have lines on some part of their face, when they are laughing. Vanna doesn’t has that, or if there is, it’s only few. Because of this condition, we can say that Vanna had facelift to make her face looks smoother and tighter. More than that, the strong youthful looks on Vanna’s face also can become proof that there is also Botox injection involved in her plastic surgery. Botox injection can, indeed, make your face and skin looks smoother. So, Vanna at least did several injections in many parts of her face, so she can have this great face looks. Plus, it looks like Vanna also had some cheeks filler.

And, apparently, Vanna also did other surgery. According to Dr. Sherrell J. Aston, Vanna at least has some eyelid surgery and Rhinoplasty. The eyelid lift surgery can be seen on her eyelids that look much younger even though she is in her 60’s. This method is well-known capable in rejuvenating your eye condition. Other than that, the Dr. Aston says that Vanna also did some Rhinoplasty. If you compare it her photo when she is still in Playboy, you can see that her face today is much thinner.

Other than her face, there is also sign that Vanna did plastic surgery on her body. Even though Vanna denied about this matter, and she said that she only use healthy lifestyle, but, there is possibility that she did some liposuction to keep her body shape. We can see that Vanna has successfully kept her body in check, which can be compared to her body shape on her early career. However, we think that if all of those rumors and suspicions about plastic surgery is true, that is still good thing. It’s because, Vanna didn’t do it excessively. So, she got good and balance result that you can see today.