Now, You Will Find Different Kris Compare to Kris Jenner Before Plastic Surgeries

Kris Jenner, one of the Kardashians, is like other family member love attention. And, because of this, she didn’t mind when people start to suspect her for having plastic surgery that change her looks like what you she today. If we have to compare the photo of her past or photo of Kris Jenner Before Plastic Surgeries, you know what we are talking about here. There are big differences, or maybe we can say there is not too much different. Her age that reaches 60 years doesn’t affect how her face structure, especially the skin. Basically, she still looks great on her sixties, if we compare it with other women at the same age.

There is several suspicion of the plastic surgery that she did in the past. First is of course the cheek. If you compare her past photo with today, you can see that there is a trace of cheek augmentation. You can see that the skin has been pulled to maintain its shape and elasticity. This can be a proof that she has facelift to fix that part. After all, there is no such thing as imperfections, if you are Kardashian family member.

The other changes that she might do are the Botox injection. The parts that can be seen where she injects it are forehead, cheeks and lips. Unfortunately, we found it because of the after effect of this method. Usually, people that had Botox injection, along the time will have their skin sagging down because the effect of Botox has run out. And, it can be seen on Kris Jenner. In some of TV shows, we can see that she has swelling area on those parts. More than that, Kim Kardashian also records her first Botox injection on their reality show, which has become the proof that Kris also did the same before Kim.

The other plastic surgery that Kris Jenner did is breast augmentation. You can see clearly on her earlier age. Her boobs aren’t as big as you can see today. We can say her natural bra size would be around B cup to small C cup. However, when you see her wearing some revealing clothes, you can see that Kris has more than that size. We suspect that Kris, as we speak today, has increased her breast size to D cup. The different is too big, which lead us to the point that she did boob jobs.

However, we can’t say anything about what she did to her body. That was her body to begin with. So, she has freedom to do whatever she did. Moreover, if you compare it with other women at the same age, we bet, you will agree if we say she looks great on that age. But, there is only one problem that we found here.  She looks like totally different person, if you compare it with her photo in her younger age. The trace of the appearance on her younger age seems disappear because of this excessive plastic surgery.

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