Megan Fox Is Susceptible for Having Plastic Surgery

Megan Fox got her break on Transformers, when she played as Mikaela. And, from that movie, many people are aware of the beauty and sexiness of this girl. Then, after that movie, there is big change that you can see from Megan appearances. Her face, especially lips, forehead and cheek are little bit different than before. The lips look fuller and we have to admit it, it’s sexier. Her forehead is so smooth that you won’t find any wrinkles on it. And the cheeks look voluminous. This change, of course, piqued the interest of many of her fans and other people. Did Megan have plastic surgery? Many people start to look for the photo of Megan Fox Before Plastics Surgery. And it did change. Her appearance and face looks different, although it’s not that much.

However, according to her plastic surgery, Megan said the opposite. She said that she never had any plastic surgery before. She never did lip fillers, Botox injection, cheek augmentation or other kind of plastic surgery. What we can see today is what she has since long time ago. So, she never changes anything. More than that, she also supports those who want to do plastic surgery. She even suggests them to consult with their therapist to know more what kind of plastic surgery that they want to do and the effect on their body. She said if you want to do it and love to do that (plastic surgery), you just need to do it. Basically, that was great comment from this beautiful mom with three kids. However, if you see some of her past photo, the suspicion of she doing some changes with plastic surgery is normal.

For example, on her earlier career, you can see that she has some of acne on her skin. There is chance that she did some skin surgery to remove it. However, this isn’t strong proof, because there are also other methods beside plastic surgery, that is also effective in removing acne and make your skin clean and smooth like her. Then, there is the suspicion of her doing nose job. You can see it on her photo from 2006. Her nose looks like normal girl. However, when she comes to 2008 MTV Movie Awards, you can see that there is some change on her nose, especially on the bridge. It’s much smaller and the tip of the nose is much sharper than before. At that time, the nose reshaping is normal beauty treatment.

Then, there is the lips case. This one can be said has big differences than her time before Transformers. The main difference can be seen on the top lips. It’s much more shaped and fuller. This is maybe the part that most of people aware about Megan’s changes. However, whatever she done with her face or body, she is still one of the most beautiful women in the world. And of course, with her changes, either it’s with plastic surgery or not, she is still sexy and great woman for her fans.

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