Vanna White Seems Has Done Plastic Surgery

Has Vanna White Had Plastic Surgery

Has Vanna White Had Plastic Surgery? Maybe this is the common question from many people that love to watch and following one of most popular show, called Wheel of Fortune. The host of the show is Vanna White. And, if you watch this show on her earlier time around 35 years ago, or from 1982, you will have the same question. At that time, Vanna was 26 years old when she starts to host this show. And, now, when you look at her appearance, you won’t find too much different on her face or appearance. Yes, there are some wrinkles here and there, but overall, she hasn’t got too much change or appearances like what a 60 years old woman usually has. From this fact, there are many people suspect that she did some plastic surgery to keep her appearance.

So, what Vanna said? In 2012, in the interview with The Huffington Post, she said that she has no plastic surgery. The thing that make her has younger looks is her lifestyle. She said that she following strict diet and has routine exercise. One of the exercises that she usually does is spinning. She said she can do it five times a week. And, the other two days she used to run or jogging for maintaining her stamina and metabolism. Usually, she also runs, if she doesn’t have time to do spinning, because of work.

In Hollywood Diet & Exercise Secret, she also reveals her diet secret, which makes her looks fabulous even now. In the past, Vanna admitted has bad eating habit. And because of this, she gain around 25 pounds. Then, she realized her mistake and changes her diet. Now, she only eat when she feel hungry. And, of course, she also change the menu of her every day meal with more healthy food, like more vegetable and fruits. Because of this method, she capable in maintaining her weight, appearances and size, which make her looks beautiful. But, was that true?

If you compare her photo on 2007 and today, you will find some of different. On 2007 photo, you can find that there are some lines of wrinkles on her forehead. Her cheeks are also little bit sagging, which can’t be found on recent photo. It could because of makeup that can cover that aging effect. However, according to Dr David Shafer, a plastic surgeon from New York, that can indicate there is some plastic surgery involved. He said that Botox injection or other filler injection is the most possible surgery that Vanna did to remove the wrinkles on her forehead and make it looks smooth. More than that, her cheeks now is more voluminous. This is also an indication that she did a cheek implants.

One thing for sure, Vanna White great looks isn’t caused by good genes. It is mostly because of external factor, which, in this case, is plastic surgery. But, there is also possibility that she did a beauty treatment to keep her face skin looks great even though she is 60 years old now.

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