Kinds of Meg Ryans Surgery

What happened to Meg Ryans face

What happened to Meg Ryans face is the things that make most of her fans are so curious. Doing the plastic surgery might create and increase the beauty on your face. At the first, you might not know about the bad effect from the surgery. Then, people only imagine about the result that come up in the imagination that they can become prettier after getting the small and pointed nose, slim cheek, sexy lips, wider eyes and any other things. However, how if the plastic surgery or the reshape of your face parts are not appropriate to your face. Do you still imagine that you are prettier? Well, here, we are going to tell you about the changes on Meg Ryans face, what kind of surgery that she has done and what the fans says about her new appearance.

Kinds of Meg Ryans plastic surgery

There are a lot of kinds of plastic surgery that Meg Ryans do. She are interesting to reshape her face to be more beautiful by surgery and implant any parts of her face as she wants. If you look and observe every single parts of her face, I am sure that you will know the differences. You can compare her face when she was young with the face now. The parts are might different. First, there is a rumor that she has lip implants some years ago. She has done the implantation on her lips to make her lips look wider and larger. If you compare the photo, you can see that her lips look more plumber than her lips in the past. Second, it is said that Meg Ryans also do the cheek implantation. She has done the injection into the cheek to make it looks full. As you can see, the cheek of Meg Ryans looks chubby. Third, meg has done the botox injection too for her skin face. The face looks nice and she has removed the wrinkles that come up into her face. Fourth, meg has done the eyes surgery. The eyes looks sharper and wider.

Fans comment about her new appearance

Many fans or Meg lovers have different comments related to her changes. Some of them says that they are not really agree with Meg’s decision to do all of the plastic surgery into her face. They say that this surgery cause there is no Meg Ryans ordinary characteristic on her face now. Then, most of them also say that Meg appearance now looks older and not as beautiful as before. They prefer to see Meg’s before the plastic surgery than now. Despite of this arguments, some people also agree with her decision. Most of them says that Meg looks so sexy and prettier after getting the plastic surgery. They say that Meg has the beautiful eyes, sexy lips and cute cheeks after getting the surgery. Well, people can get the different perception. Then, it depends on fans how they want to see Meg whether she is prettier before or after surgery and what happened to Meg Ryans face.

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