Gabrielle Union Before Plastic Surgery

gabrielle union plastic surgery

Gabrielle Union Before Plastic Surgery – The United States is known as the world’s leading film producer, so many outstanding actors and actresses born in Hollywood ranging from genuine American artist, Asian descent to black artist . Since the struggle of Nelson Mandela who has successfully championed the right and equality between white citizens and blacks in the United States to make many people career in Hollywood cinema, including black people who had gotten discrimination from white people. One successful black actress in the United States entertainment world is Gabriella Union.

Profile Gabrielle Union

gabrielle union plastic surgery

Gabriella has full name Gabriella Monique Union which was born on 29 October 1972 Omaha, Nebraska, USA. He is synonymous with the comedy soap because he often starred in soap operas that smelled of comedy. The beginning of his career began in the 1990s and eventually became part of the comedy genre film She’s All That and 10 Things I Hate About You in 1999 and since then she has continued to star in comedy movies in the years to come. He became a world-known after starring in the comedy drama The Brothers in 2001, his best performances at the time brought him to the pinnacle of his career success.

Apart from being an actress he is also known as a justice activist who supports some people who do not get rights and justice like everyone else. One example is Jada a Texas teenager who gets sexual violence at a party. In the course of his career and activist activities he struggled to appear Unioncukup successful but less fortunate in the journey of his love affair because he had a relationship with NBA players while still sitting in high school but eventually had to run aground. Then Union established a relationship with the NFL player Chris Howard and again had to end after they married a few years. And lastly he married another NBA player that is Dwayne Wade and survives until now

Gabriella Union Before Plastic Surgery

gabrielle union plastic surgery

As an actress, activist and model who has become the ambassador of some of the top brands, he really has to keep up his looks. According to news circulating he has done plastic surgery at some point on his face. When viewed from the appearance during this woman over 40 years it does require more care that can make his face look fresher. At the age that has stepped on the head of the four faces of the Union has indeed appeared aging, some wrinkles appear on his face. The most successful black actress in Hollywood has long been rumored with cosmetic procedures such as plastic surgery.

In addition he also had admitted that he has a nose shape that is too wide and make it less confident after Union saw the movie starring itself with the title of 10 Things I Hate About You. Not only that he also openly expressed his personal opinion about the issue of plastic surgery that befell him. “I have flaws, but I have never considered plastic surgery.” When mentioned about the rumor he reiterated that it did not suit him “It’s not matter of a judgment. I’m deathly afraid of needles if there is a way to skip them, i would do it “.

Gabrielle Union Few Suspicious Change


gabrielle union plastic surgery

Some recent photos in circulation there are some changes that appear from the face of Gabrielle Union. The changes can be observed from some of his old photos juxtaposed with his new photos, although not too flashy but the difference in shape and structure of the face at some point is still visible. Here are some models of treatment reportedly being undertaken by Gabrielle Union Nose Job One part of the face of the Union who allegedly got plastic surgery treatment is the nose. Many people see a change in the shape of the Union nose though not very significant. Many surgeons who are advocating the Union to do nose job other than that the fans or people who criticize for the shape of the nose will now be more able to appreciate the Union after doing nose job Cheeks Implant Another model of treatment reportedly also undertaken by Union is Cheeks Implant .

It’s actually quite difficult to decide whether the Union has cheek implants or not because if it is noticed from Union’s photo a few years ago with what has recently seemed quite similar. Nevertheless rumors suggest that the Union has cheeks implant to support her appearance while in front of camera Gabrielle Union After Plastic Surgery The appearance of Dwayne Wade’s wife recently seems to be quite fascinating to the media and the people around her chapter she still looks younger at her age Which has stomped nearly 45 years.

There are some people who think that now the shape of his nose becomes slimmer and smaller as generally someone who has done plastic surgery. But Union dodged he said that the changes that appear on his nose because he is now the ability make up that much better than before. In this case, people argue that the surgeon who handles Union nose surgery is extraordinary because it is very difficult to distinguish between Gabrielle Union before plastic surgery and after plastic surgery. Many people judge that the operation that has been done Union is perfect and managed to improve his career and work.

In addition now the Union also has a more charming smile. Various speculations arise and lead to him. Union is considered to have cheeks implant to form the structure of the cheekbones more uplifted and has the ideal shape. Although still not clear the truth that Gabrielle Union has been doing plastic surgery or not, but when viewed from the comparison of some of the photographs that seem not too far apart. But the differences seen in his old age are enough to cause speculation if you’ve done plastic surgery, nose job, cheeks implant or something like that.

Indeed, the big stars in Hollywood cinema are often associated with models of beauty treatments such as plastic surgery for both men and men. Because the source is still confusing and there is no source that can really be trusted then it is estimated that the issues that arise about Gabrielle Union has been doing plastic surgery is just a rumor. Especially with his opinion a few years ago stating that he did not fit with such operations in addition he also stated that he was afraid of needles.

However, even though one’s thoughts can change at any time as time passes and change the circumstances so that at any time the Union changed his mind and finally decided to do plastic surgery.

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