Dorothy Wang Plastic Surgery1

Dorothy Wang Plastic Surgery

Who does not know Dorothy Wang? Yes, he is a celebrity known as “Rich Kids from Beverly Hills”. Dorothy Wang is the son of Roger Wang. He is one of the most successful businessmen in America, and even the most successful in the world. His wealth may make Dorothy have a desire to do plastic surgery even though in fact he has never confirmed this to the public. The public realizes that there is a difference that happened to Dorothy Wang because of his appearance that became different today. Dorothy Wang plastic surgery had become a boom in social media and at that time Dorothy decided to shut up. But a few weeks later he decided to open a vote about this. He says in his twitter account that he likes good makeup so people say that Dorothy does plastic surgery.

Dorothy Wang Plastic Surgery1

Nose Job

Now Dorothy Wang has a different nose than a few years ago. In addition, his face is also getting tighter and tauter. He looks like a top model and feels very confident with his current appearance. However, various comments about plastic surgery that he did still not faded. Dorothy used to be known to be shy and rarely use a variety of makeup in addition to attending important events. But now his appearance is much different. He used to be just like a Beverly Hills girl but now he’s skyrocketed like a cocktail in Beverly Hills. This significant difference lies primarily in the face, because usually when people go on a diet the face will basically remain the same. The very different appearance of Dorothy is not surprising at all. If he did plastic surgery would not be surprising because he has a lot of money to just do nose job, Botox injections, facelift and so forth.

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After Plastic Surgery

If many people feel anxious to do plastic surgery or not for fear of surgery that he did fail, then this does not happen to Dorothy Wang. After the rumors of plastic surgery that he did, Dorothy does look more beautiful and sexy like the models. In addition, he also increasingly confident with his new appearance. He also often shows off his photos on social media. Now Dorothy’s face looks gaunter, her nose is more sharp and petite and her lips look sexy. The truth of this rumor is still questionable because there has been no confirmation from the concerned.

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Based on the above explanation, we already know some things about Dorothy Wang plastic surgery that still has not received confirmation directly from the parties concerned. But many photographs are circulating that is much different from Dorothy’s face in the past. True or not only Dorothy knows, but now Dorothy’s face becomes more beautiful that makes ‘Rich Kids from Beverly Hills’ is increasingly popular. Hopefully this article useful to you and can be one of the reference that plastic surgery is also a lot. Although there are also many risks that must be borne for people who decide to change their face permanently through plastic surgery. However, while this is done by the experts hopefully the results are satisfactory and not fail.