17. Did Simon Cowell Have Plastic Surgery 2

Did Simon Cowell Has Plastic Surgery?

17. Did Simon Cowell Have Plastic Surgery 4

Of course, you know Simon Cowell. Yes, he is a judge on American Idol. The 52-year-old British man is a hot conversation for many people. Cowell reportedly experienced plastic surgery on his face because his appearance is now much different from before. Simon is a handsome juror and is known for being honest in giving comments. However, does this time he will also be honest about what happens to his face? Did Simon Cowell has plastic surgery? People have considered him handsome without him doing plastic surgery, so many people are questioning why he should have plastic surgery.

17. Did Simon Cowell Have Plastic Surgery 2

17. Did Simon Cowell Have Plastic Surgery 3

Simon’s First Appearance

Her appearance in 2001 looked very handsome, natural, and handsome. It has an oval face and a thin cheek. But now his appearance is very changing, he has a chubby cheek. Many people think that it is the effect of Botox injections that are in his cheeks. When confirmed, Simon Cowell admitted that a few years ago he injected Botox on his cheeks because many celebrities who appear on TV also did the same. Many people regret Simon’s decision to do plastic surgery because it makes his face even worse. His face seemed completely changed, although he had a thin beard or no beard he would still look different. It is not because he is seen getting older, but did his face change as Botox injections were not successful.

Simon Cowell plastic surgery

Simon Cowell plastic surgery2

After Plastic Surgery

The obvious change after plastic surgery is on the cheek. His cheek looks puffy and makes his appearance even worse, before he is much more handsome than this. Reportedly, he will remove the Botox injected on his cheek. Many negative comments after he had plastic surgery on his face. He had time to confirm the Botox injected into his cheeks he did for two times a year. But the years after that made him realize that his plastic surgery was not fully successful because it did not make his face tighter and look younger, but it made his face even worse. He also had time to confirm that he only did inject Botox several years ago. However, he admitted that what he did might be a bit excessive so the results were not as he had hoped. Simon says that he only performs facials and does not perform a whole operation to change his face permanently. In addition, he will be more patient to take care to restore his face to be as before.

17. Did Simon Cowell Have Plastic Surgery 1

Now we know the answer from “Did Simon Cowell has plastic surgery?” Based on some of the explanations described above, we can conclude that Simon Cowell did a Botox injection but did not get the results he wanted. Basically, he did it because many people who appear on TV also do it. But after getting a lot of negative rumors about plastic surgery that he did, finally Simon decided to do maintenance so that his face can be back as usual. Simon must be patient and wait for the results. Hopefully he gets better after his recovery.