Rihanna’s Appearance Before and After

Rihanna before and now will be something fun and wonderful to be discussed. Comparing someone’s appearance some years ago and now can be the interesting thing. I am sure that most of you know who Rihanna is. The most popular singer with the sexiest skin in the world always come up into your television. Most of the popular songs are sung by Rihanna. Have you ever heard that Rihanna do some plastic surgery? Well, we are going to compare about Rihanna’s appearance before and after the surgery below. Discussing about each parts of her body can be the interesting and fun things to do. Here, we are going to tell you kinds of Rihanna’s plastic surgery which always catch the viewer attention.

Rihanna’s nose

People can observe and compare details about Rihanna’s nose some years ago with her nose now. I am sure if you see it details, you can see the differences. Rihanna never hide about her plastic surgery like the other celebrities. She says that she wants to do the plastic surgery to increase her appearance to be more interesting. In the past, Rihanna has the wide and big nose before doing the rhinoplastic. Rhinoplastic is a kind of nose surgery. Rihanna do this kind of plastic surgery to reshape her nose. She wants to shape the nose to be more pointed and smaller. As you can see from the picture or in the television, you can see that Rihanna’s nose is pointed, sharper and thinner now. Then, she looks so different because of this nose job. She looks prettier because of this cosmetic surgery. Pointed nose is the shape that so many people are wished. Not only women who wants to have this shape of the nose, but also the men. Rihanna is also one of the women who adore about the beauty and appearance. Being beautiful will be a must for the famous celebrity like her. Her main job is standing in front of people, so she needs to change her appearance to be more wonderful.

Rihanna’s breast

Doing the breast implant is not being the rare surgery lately. Many people both celebrities and the ordinary people wish to have the great breast to increase her beauty. Breast or boobs are the body part which might catch the people attention. By having the beautiful breast, people can get more and more beauty. Now, we are going to compare about Rihanna;s breast before and now. Some years ago, she only has the flat breast which never catch the attention. However, she has bigger breast now. As we can see on some shows on the television, she has full cup of boobs. The boobs looks more giant than her boobs before. Many people think that Rihanna do the breast implant. She has done the breast implant to make the breast more full. The boobs more rounded and larger. While you can see the breast size of Rihanna is around B, but now you can see that her cup size is more than C. So, these are all about Rihanna before and now.

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