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Sargent Plastic Surgery
Sargent Plastic Surgery
Medi-Spa & Prices

Skin Essentials Medi-Spa  at Sellers Plastic Surgery

Skin Essentials Medi-Spa is located inside Dr. Dan Sellers’ office.  We offer laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, IPL photofacial, european facial, SkinCeuticals skin care products, Latisse and Revitalash.

Microdermabrasion   $50 each treatment

Signature Facial
   $50 each treatment
Add an acid or enzyme peel for $10
Dermalplaning  $85 each treatment
Waxing  $10-20 depending on area
Acid Peel  $50 +

$300 for face, lower arms or lower legs
$150 for chest or shoulders

Laser Hair Removal    
(price is per treatment & you will typically need 4 to 6 treatments)
Underarms                   $50
Face (full)                      $75
Lip, Chin or Brow       $30
Bikini Line                     $50
Brazilian                        $100     (tummy included in the Brazilian and Bikini)
Half leg                           $100
Full Leg                         $200
Naval Strip                   $30
Mens neck                    $50
Mens Chest/Abd       $100
Mens Back                   $100
Hands and arms        $75 

    We frequently have specials so don’t hesitate to ask
one  of our aestheticians.

To schedule an appointment with Natalie call #801-510-1519.  Natalie is in the office most days between Monday and Friday.


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