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Mommy Makeover

One of the most popular and sought after procedures at Sellers Plastic Surgery, and one in which we pride ourselves in our experience, results, and patient satisfaction, is the “Mommy Makeover”.  This combination of procedures to the upper body is designed to reshape a woman into her “pre-mommy” form as much as possible.

Our standard makeover includes removing excess fat from the back, flanks, hips and abdomen, thru VASER liposuction, along with a circumferential body lift (you can see the description of these procedures elsewhere in this section of the website).  Breast rejuvenation is usually done as well, if needed, on a separate operative day (the cost of the mommy makeover does not include the breast surgery as it is not always needed).
The Mommy Makeover is an extensive operation requiring physical preparation and mental preparedness on the patient’s part.  The results are usually stunning!

Mommy Makeover Recovery:
The limiting component of the whole procedure is that of the abdominoplasty.  One must avoid straining the abdominal muscles for 6 weeks.  Bruising from the liposuction component is common.  Drains are placed for several weeks.

Mommy Makeover Precations:
Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), or blood clots,  in the leg veins is always a concern in long operations, however it is rare and we give you every tool possible to try and avoid this concern.  Wound healing is another concern, however great efforts are made to minimize these risks.

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