Megyn Kelly Nose Job, Did She?

Who doesn’t know Megyn Kelly? A lady which has become well known because her career of television host. Here, she is the leading lady in the Fox News. Moreover, she also often talks about political issues – especially when she gave opinions about Donald Trump. However, she also has one thing that people always talk about her. What is it? Megyn Kelly is considered to undergo a plastic surgery. Now, Megyn Kelly Nose Job is a thing that people often talk about. Here, we will try to expose the plastic surgeries which have been undergone by Megyn Kelly


What her relations said?

If you are going to ask; “Did she go under the knife?”, we will not answer with a “yes” word. But, if you want to know the differences between the past and now, you may find some different things. Here, the photos which were taken in her high school, will make you stunned. Moreover, a magazine has claimed that Megyn Kelly has undergone a nose job to make her look become prettier. Besides, a friend from her high school has revealed something that will add the proof. It was said in a magazine – called Star – which had an interview with Megyn Kelly’s former classmate.

She said that Megyn Kelly seems more different than her past in high school – Albany NY. Another person who states that Megyn Kelly has had a nose job is a doctor from Beverly Hills – Dr. Justin Yovino. He said, Megyn Kelly has done a nice job of maintaining a youthful appearance. Here, Dr. Justin also said that Megyn Kelly has had plastic surgeries which are aimed to conceal her aging. Even though make up has a capability to conceal somebody’s weakness, here you can take a look at the contour of Megyn Kelly’s face.

If you take a closer look at her photo, you will see that her nose is more bulbous and rounder in her past photos. By contrast, the latest photo that you see shows a sharper nose and narrower nose bridge. In this case, a smaller nose is considered to make a person become younger. Not only that, you may already know that wrinkles will mostly come to the people at the age of 45. Yet, you will never see this happened on Megyn Kelly. Here, she is suspected to have a facelift surgery. Besides, there is also a speculation that Megyn Kelly has had Botox injections.

Did she have a boob job?

On the other hand, Megyn Kelly is considered to have a boob job. Here, you can see it from the her photos while wearing a bikini dress. There are some people which notice that Megyn Kelly has a scar on the area near the armpit. Because of this evidence, it can be said that she might have a breast augmentation surgery.

Overall, if we talk about plastic surgeries which has been undergone by Megyn Kelly, there are some differences that you can see from the photos. Here, you may have same opinion with us that she has had a nose job, boob job, and buttox injections. So, do you think that Megyn Kelly Nose Job is real? Did she undergo plastic surgeries?

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