Megan Fox Before Plastic Surgery

Who does not know Megan Fox, one of the main actresses in some Transformer film series is lately often discussed not because of the achievements he achieved but because of changes in appearance is quite drastic. The appearance change in question is not the appearance of dress or fashion but a change from the visible physical form. Indeed most of the world’s actresses ranging from korean artists to hollywood artists often perform plastic surgery to support his appearance when in front of the camera and one of them is the figure of Megan Fox who is often compared to Cinta Laura because of the similarity of his face. But the comparison happened a few years ago before Megan Fox reportedly performed plastic surgery that made her face characteristic at this time very much different Surgery from the time she filmed the first Transformers movie in 2007 and serail other Transformers movie entitled Revenge Of The Fallen which was released in year 2009.

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Since he starred in two Transformers movie series whose name began sticking to the surface until often juxtaposed with other hollywood artists both because of his acting ability and because of beauty and body shape. Born in 1986 made him now grow older but in his old age there is an awkwardness seen in him. With age Megan Fox increasingly looks pretty with some changes in characteristics and shapes on some parts of his face. Such drastic changes in his aging age sparked a question of the people around him. How did he gain such a significant change in such a short time? How to model the treatment to produce a face like that? Until the question arises whether he does plastic surgery.

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If you notice the appearance of Megan Fox Before Plastic Surgery in 2016 with 2009 is very much different. At some time his last appearance of skin and megan fox’s face became firmer, his eyes more narrow and his nose bones looking more sharp. On one occasion the question of this plastic surgery began to tease the world’s celebrities but they tended to silence and did not comment anything including Megan Fox. While on other occasions Megan Fox claims that she has Megan Fox Plastic Surgery, injection injeksdi, botox, cheek changes or various other surgery treatment.

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In addition to the results of the Allure Magazine quote in 2010 that Megan Fox recommends to anyone who wants to do plastic surgery to go to a therapist first to consult and consider the reasons you have why want to do plastic surgery. But on the occasion he also added if you feel like doing plastic surgery then do it. With such a tone it is no wonder if this time change also appears from himself. Even the change in face shape that occurred in Megan Fox is considered similar to other hollywood artist Angelina Jolie. But the actress who has been more than 30 years ago some time ago uploaded some of his photos with an expression raised an eyebrow and show the wrinkles that exist when he expressed it.

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In a subtle way Megan Fox wants to prove to everyone that the beauty she has today is the result of a natural treatment and not obtained from the results of plastic surgery that had sticked some time ago. For more than 14 years his career in the world of hollywood changes the shape of his last face some time ago is the biggest change during his life is also felt by the people around him also for his fans. It’s no wonder that the wealth of life, the well-established life and the ease of getting various facilities make many world celebrities has done plastic surgery to support their appearance.

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Like Megan Fox, although at the age that has not been too old but appeared various rumors that he has done plastic surgery, botok and so forth. Then from some articles on the internet that still belu clear source that Megan was once caught seeing a surgeon to the peak in 2014 ago after returning to the big screen by Star a film titled Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles he was accused of having injected botox. The allegations arose because his action in the film shows his face free of wrinkles or other signs of aging. It is quite difficult to open the truth behind the beauty of Megan Fox Before Plastic Surgery at the age that will soon enter the head of four.


In addition, this one Hollywood artist has been in recent years rumored to perform plastic surgery or other high- risk facial treatments, but until now the issue still can not be revealed the truth. It is hard to believe that Megan who has two children and over 30 years old can still look beautiful and sexy and even free of wrinkles in the last movie. But from some beauty doctors like one surgeon who was in New York never explained that Megan seems to have some facial and cosmetic procedures that became one of the secrets why he still looks younger and even arguably more beautiful at the age that has stepped on the head three . In addition, the surgeon also added that in fact no treatment is too important but he suspects that Megan has experienced narrowing or diminution in the nose that makes his nose now look more sharp.

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Then doctor Matthew Schulman also responded to this he said that in the photo of Megan in her older age than the other picture depicts that her nose looks wider then the end of the visible part there is a clear gap. While on the other picture dr. Matthew said if the nose is smoother and narrower and the tip of his nose looks smoother and without a gap at all. In addition, other doctors from Park Avenue also commented on the changes that occurred in Megan Fox, especially in recent years. Mother of two children is suspected of using filler or injection because her lips look fuller and cheekbones that appear more lifted from her youth.

The changes are expected to come from Juvaderm or Restyline results. But some time later again Megan again denied that he did injecting botox by uploading some pictures of himself with a pose at the same time scratching his face in different ways. Then Megan upload it to his personal facebook account by giving the title Things You Can not Do With Your Face When You Have Botox. The post seemed to confirm that he had never done botox injections or do any kind of treatment that does have a risk that is harmful to health.

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