Lil Kim before Plastics Surgery is Totally Different than Now

Lil’ Kim has become main attention in last couple years, because she made great chances on her appearance. This 42 years old rapper show what she can do on Instagram. Although she never admitted that she did a plastic surgery to get this transformation, we can see clearly the big difference. Actually, if someone did some normal plastic surgery, we wouldn’t have this kind of shock. However, if you compare Lil’ Kim’s appearance with Lil Kim Before Plastics Surgery and today, you will know the big different that she did on her face, skin and maybe other part of her body.

Lil' Kim Body

Lil' Kim Body 2

There are many opinions about the Kim’s decision to change her appearance.  Most of fans were disappointed with Kim’s decision. They say that Kim were beautiful before she change her appearance. However, that doesn’t stop Kim to get another surgery. The most shocking changes for her fans are when she decided to lighten up her skin tone. She uses skin bleaching method to do this. Actually, if you look her appearance in her new tone, we can say that it’s not natural. Her face structure isn’t matched with her new skin tone. However, Kim do another series of surgery, which make her face can be said completely different than Lil Kim Before Surgerys face.


Lil-Kim-plastic-surgery 2

Lil' Kim Before Surgery

Some of series of surgery procedure that we suspect she did are fat removing around her eyes. There is also a trace that she also did some skin and tissue removing process on the same area. Of course, the Botox injection is also one of the surgeries she did. This one can be seen on her jaw line. Her new jaw line has sharper shape. Then, she also did nose job. All of this information and confirmation is also agreed by Dr. Jennifer Levine, a board-certified plastic surgeon. Basically, we can say that Lil’ Kim has done some plastic surgery on her face and appearance.

Lil-Kim surgery Lips

Lil Kim Surgery Lips

Although she never admits it for the great changes that we can see today, in 2005, she admits that she has done some plastic surgery in one of interview. What she said at that time was she has two nose jobs to fix her broken nose because of the abusive act that her ex-boyfriend did to her. And maybe, this interview with Hot 97 DJ Angie Martinez is the only confirmation about what Lil’ Kim do regarding plastic surgery. The opinion from fans are divided into two part, the pro and cons. However, we can see that most of fans don’t like what Lil’ Kim did to her body. But, Kim herself says that she doesn’t care about what other people say. She loves herself and want to looks great and comfortable with her new appearance.

Lil' Kim Bob Job

Lil' Kim Bob Job 2

Even though Kim doesn’t have problem with her plastic surgery, there is risk of getting plastic surgery, especially Botox injection on her age. It said that by using this method, the wrinkles that naturally appear will be limited, which can result that that person can’t make different expression. So, we can say, Kim is much better when she has Lil Kim Before Plastics Surgery face.

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