Lark Voorhies Face What Happened – The Transformation of Her Face

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The question of Lark Voorhies Face What Happened is the common question comes to people when they see Lark who has not been seen for a long time. Sure, actually the reason why there are lots of people are asking about her different look is because she looks totally different which may often make people did not recognize that she is Lark who is also well known as Lisa Turner. That is especially if you often see the program of ‘Saved by the Bell’. If you are also the people who often watch the show, of course you will see how drastic her changes are now. That can be easily seen from her face. Many people then often do not recognize that she is Lark Vorrhies. That is reasonable that people will ask about what happen to her face so that she looks completely different. There are some speculations which come and go round the people and even the media which we can easily seen. Some of them may say that it is because she is suffering from particular diseases. Another speculation is because of the failed result of the plastic surgery procedures which she has taken before. The last is the common reasons which we often heard, right? That is the reason why people are looking for the information as much as possible in getting the info of the truth or at least getting some analyzes. However, it is said that she has got some plastic surgery procedures as like the skin lightening, nose job, injections of filler and botox, and even the procedure of eye lift.

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Skin Lightening, Botox, and Facelift

If we are asking about Lark Voorhies Face What Happened, the reasons of her drastic change may be caused by the plastic surgery procedure which got the unexpected result. That is including the procedures of botox, facelift, and also the skin lightening. Those procedures are taken perhaps she felt unconfident with her physical appearance including being a black woman even though actually she is not truly black. She has the exotic skin but she might get the procedure of skin lighting which result the odd impact as if her face is full of chalk layer. It looks unnatural. Then, the procedure of botox and facelift also result not a good thing. It makes her face got the unnatural look and a bit frozen effect. Those may be such the disaster result which she might get so that her look is drastically different.

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Procedure of Blepharoplasty

Another speculation is also about the eye job. The procedure of blepharoplasty which is aimed at getting the better yet wide eyes might also be obtained by her. All of us know that it is not a cheap procedure but we can see the result on her eyes now. Her eyes even do not look that better and wider. As the result, we even see that her eyes look a bit smaller than the previous ones. That may also be the factors why she looks totally different and becomes the reason why people have a question as like Lark Voorhies Face What Happened.

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