Kendall Jenner Nose Job

Fashion enthusiasts must know well that Kendall Jenner is one of the rising American models. She was born in 1995, November 3rd. She works for many famous magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. She initially appeared in some printed commercial advertisements, like photo shoots and campaigns. However, in 2014 until 2015, Jenner just got what people called as “Jenner’s breakout” seasons due to her presences in many fashion shows like Milan, Paris, and New York fashion shows. She even appeared on many covers of various international magazines, and walked into one of the most prestigious fashion show for underwears, called Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Her success makes she becomes one of the most earning models, with annual income being estimated is about four million dollars. It seems that the sparks do not yet wanted to leave her. In 2017, she is included in the fifteen most followed public figures in the Instagram.

Plastic Surgery Rumours

The rumors start to heat up in 2017, saying that Kendal Jenner has implemented plastic surgery. Surprisingly, the stunning fashion model is the blaming Kyle Jenner, her younger sister, for the hottest gossip. The rumor has it, Kendall Jenner has done a nose job to maintain her perfect face shape. The other rumors even indicate that the young model got the lip fillers and even got her face fully reconstructed. For the past few months, Kendal Jenner has become the subject of the spectators’ speculations.

When the model posted a picture of her being in a bikini, some of the audience thought that Kendall had more growing lips, and got a sharper curve of her figure. At another time, she was speculated to have a job done to her nose, since her nose looked thinner than she had before. Even after looking at Kendall’s old and newest photograph, a prominent plastic surgeon argues that Kendall Jenner is more than likely getting her nose surged. The expert says that because Kendall’s nose bridge looks slightly more crooked in her older photograph compared to the newer one. The difference leads to a conclusion that there is a possibility of this twenty one year old celebrity to have her nose surgically smoothed. Besides, the tip of her nose is also looking smaller, and slightly more enhanced. It can also prove that she may have done plastic surgery.

What makes the rumors heat up is actually the K Hole Kadarshian’s statement which indicates that Kendall Jenner’s mother, Kris, has ever wanted her pretty daughter to have a nose surgery in the past, when she was nine years old.

Kendall Jenner’s Denial

Knowing the rumors of her having a plastic surgery makes Kendall Jenner reacts by saying that the rumor is extremely upsetting. She even claims it exhausting when he hears a rumor saying that she has deleted her account in instragram because of the facial reconstruction that she possibly take. She wonders, why she would do the full reconstruction surgery on her face. She says that being a model makes the rumor of having plastic surgery does not make sense at all. She has, indeed, become a famous model. Therefore, going under the surgery to make any change in her appearance will not give any advantages to her.

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