Jenny Mccarthy Plastic Surgery – Happy with her New Appearance

Jenny Meccarthy is one of several famous celebrities that took a plastic surgery to improve her appearance. Her famous action is when she became a playmate of the year in Playboy Magazine 1993. Now she already got old, so she came up with an idea to refresh his look. So let’s discuss about Jenny Mccarthy Plastic Surgery.

Jenny Mccarthy Plastic Surgery2

In several meetings, Jenny Mccarthy seemed so happy with her new appearance. Some said that she just took a Botox injection on her face. Nobody can deny her new flawless and wrinkle free skin. She realized that when she’s 40 years old, there will be some wrinkles all over her face. So, she considered to take a little plastic surgery procedures that is Botox injection.

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Botox injection is quite famous among celebrities. Some said it is good, some said it is bad. But I think it depends on the use of it. Some celebrities look so weird after they took a Botox injection, maybe because the used it excessively. But we admit that Jenny Mccarthy’s Botox injection is the good one. She looks fresher and more beautiful than usual.

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She admitted to the press that she really loves Botox injection. Even some people said that it’s bad, but she said that Botox is her savior. She can perform herself in front of public perfectly. But she also admitted that she only wants to use Botox in minimum dosage, so she still able to move his mouth and several parts of her face. And yes, we can’t deny that her Botox injection is successful.

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Another surgical treatment that she took is Breast Augmentation. We can see in the photo that her breast looks bigger than usual. She admitted that she did the breast augmentation to maximize her performance. Moreover, her breast augmentation procedures is not too dangerous, she used the similar procedures with another celebrities, such as Denise Richards. But, it’s very unfortunate that she should do the  breast implants three times. It’s quiet dangerous for having a plastic surgery that way. She said it needed to be perform perfectly in Playboy magazine.

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However, now she looks happy with her new appearance after surgical procedure in her face (especially forehead) and in her boobs. She hoped that people will like her new performance as well.

So, that’s all information about Jenny Mccarthy plastic surgery. I hope you can get all information that you want. See you in another post.

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