Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery

If you look at the photos of Gwen Stefani, then you must see a change in Gwen’s face. Such changes may be due to aging. This singer is getting older because Gwen has a career since the 90s but you will not see it in Gwen self. Gwen plastic surgery becomes public gossip. The singer has three children at the age of 45 years. Gwen has been a designer for famous fashion labels. Gwen is also a famous songwriter and writer. Gwen earned many awards at various festivals. In 1997, Gwen was at the peak of fame. Gwen is known as a talented young singer at the age of 27 years. Gwen had a popular appearance that year. Gwen had the first generation of thin eyebrows. Gwen had a big nose that year. Gwen does have a wider nose than now. Maybe Gwen has done rhinoplasty because the shape of the nose has been changed in 1997. Maybe it can be seen from this angle but the appearance is already close to Gwen’s current appearance. The brow area has not changed any. This is a nose different from the previous look. The nose looks smaller than before. In 1998, Gwen might have had another plastic surgery because Gwen’s appeal began to change. In 2001, Gwen had a new look. Hair becomes blond and red lipstick is a hallmark of this singer.

In 2003, Gwen began to get a beautiful look because of the advanced technology. You can see the difference clearly in 2004. The nose of the singer is small and sharp. Gwen’s forehead was raised. Gwen might get Botox in 2005 because the forehead of the singer is not wrinkled at all. Red lipstick makes Gwen look in 2006 look fresh. You can find evidence of Botox injections on the corner of the eyebrow. The eyebrows are lifted up. Gwen has to remove aging with Botox. In the year 20017, Gwen’s skin becomes very smooth and maybe this makes this singer defuse Botox. In 2009, Gwen was 40 years old but the singer’s face looks more beautiful. The eyebrows of this singer look natural. Gwen comes up with new makeup and hairstyles. There are many people who like the red lipstick because it makes Gwen look young. Gwen is seen with a masculine look. Perhaps this is what happens when you perform a plastic surgical procedure on your face. Gwen has a high brow with filler on her lips. Gwen’s face looks frozen and uneven. The skin of this singer looks uneven. Gossip mentions that Gwen’s eyes look like Nicole Kidman. The face of this singer still looks frozen. You can notice that one eye cannot open properly. The procedure has made Gwen’s face look strange. This is a valuable lesson for everyone that you should exercise and eat healthy food to get a beautiful face. Plastic surgical procedures can only fight aging in the short term. You cannot fight aging because your body will follow the force of gravity. This is a destiny that cannot be resisted by humans. Celebrities must understand the laws of nature.


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