Cynthia Bailey Plastic Surgery

If you know ‘The Real Housewife of Atlanta’, of course you also know Cynthia Bailey Yes, she is the star behind ‘The Real Housewife of Atlanta’ who is currently reported to have plastic surgery because there is a considerable difference in her appearance. She has tighter, more beautiful skin, and her face is shining now. He is also very confident with his new appearance. Cynthia Bailey plastic surgery became a hot conversation among people because of the difference that is so significant. But this did not bother her at all and she did not take the rumors seriously.

Nose Job

After performing plastic surgery, it turns out Cynthia Bailey allows the media to show his condition before and after surgery and he is proud of it. He feels confident and comfortable with what he does. According to him it did not make him nervous, he was happy and proud of the results he got. Now he is performing with an increasingly beautiful nose. He even allows the agency where he performs plastic surgery to post videos when he has not performed surgery and after surgery. It makes itself an inspiration to other women to be more confident in changing their appearance to look better as they wish. Cynthia gives an example of a choice for women that having a beautiful appearance is a choice, and we alone make that choice because our bodies are ours and only we can control them. Therefore, his decision to do plastic surgery and injecting Botox makes him more confident because many fans who understand the decision and even some who follow it.

After Plastic Surgery

Many things changed after she had plastic surgery. Not only changed her face, he also changed her style of dress and hair style. She is really like being reborn as a new person. She gave a sense that Botox injections she did in the jaw near the cheek that makes her face becomes gaunter. She reinforced the jaw line and the lips. Her performances are now considered successful enough to inspire the people around her. She keeps skin care after plastic surgery to keep her beauty. In addition, she also pioneered that rumors of plastic surgery need not be covered up as long as it is the right thing. She was not ashamed to say that she was undergoing plastic surgery because many celebrities also appeared on TV that did the same thing with her.

Based on the above facts we have known many things about Cynthia Bailey plastic surgery. Cynthia is a person who is open up to plastic surgery action that she did to the public. She said that she wanted to have a more beautiful appearance and improve his appearance. Therefore, she decided to do this and even he showed a video before and after the operation on the media so that everyone knows that this is not just a rumor but a real action. Her decisions revealed to social media to get a positive response from the public and the results he gets from plastic surgery is a satisfactory result so she can appear more confident now.

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