Courtney Cox Boob Job Before and After Comparisons

Getting to know about the truth related to a rumour of Courtney Cox Boob Job is something interesting. Surely you may also need to know about what actually happens to her boobs. That may not be something surprising since there are many other public figures that also do the various procedures of plastic surgery and even almost all of them. No matter what, it can be still such a trending topic which any of us want to know much more. Sometimes it is not that enough because we need to know a little bit more or at least what she said about the rumour. That is also including one of the risks of being a public figure, especially a rising star.  Courtney Cox is a popular American actress including a popular model. She becomes really popular when she played a role as Monica Geller in the comedy TV show entitled ‘Friends’. Sure, most of us have known well about that TV shows. She was born on 1964 and starts her actress career on 1987. It means she is not your anymore in her 50s but she still has her beauty and fresh look. That may also be the reason why many rumours about her getting some procedures of plastic surgery go round the media. That is including the possibility of the breast augmentation procedure. However, it may be something interesting for us to know more about the fact whether she got the procedures or not.

Courtney Cox Boob Job

If you still have no idea about the truth related to Courtney Cox Boob Job, that is a good idea to know much about the data related to her boobs’ size. That will be something helpful as the comparison besides comparing the photos of before and after. Sure, that is because the size may talk anything about it. From various sources, the size of her boobs is not significantly changed. Her previous size is about B and then it gets one cup bigger for her bra size which is in 32 C. A cup bigger may be such a great increase but actually it is not really extreme so that we could not say whether she got such the breast augmentation procedure or not. What about her photos of before and after? The totally different look may be caused by some possible factors as like the outfits which are worn, her condition whether she breastfeeding or already had a delivery or not, and so on.

Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery

Actually, the breast augmentation is not the only procedures of breast augmentations which she may take. There are some other possible plastic surgery procedures which she may have taken, as like the laser surgery, filler and botox injection, lips enlargement, and many more. Then, what she may answer about such the rumour? She has clearly said that she has got the filler and botox injection, and also the laser surgery to deal with the hands that look too aging. However, she denies the rumour related to the Courtney Cox Boob Job and the lips enlargement.

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