The Christina Hendricks Boob Job – Is She?

Have you ever watched a show which is called Mad Men? If you have watched this show, you may notice a pretty woman who has big breasts. It is Christina Hendricks, one of the women who have big breasts in the entertainment world. However, do you think that this actress has a boob job? If you have no idea about this issue, we will share you some information about Christina Hendricks Boob Job. Here, there will be some evidences which you can see to know whether or not she has had a boob job.


This woman-born-in-Knoxville, is suspected to have had a boob job because there is a significant transformation for her look, especially her breasts. It is normal if a woman who get a role in one of the hottest programs, wants to make her body become sexier to improve the appearance. Besides, this thing is considered to be a reason why she is rumored to have had a boob job. The significant difference could be seen at the Emmy award, while she is wearing a dress which shows her aura of sexiness. Here, her breasts looked unnaturally bigger.

On the other hand, a plastic surgeon who is called Dr. Jennifer Walden, had an assumption that this woman might have had a breast implant in order to make her breasts bigger. As we know, a photo of her past shows that Christina Hendricks use to have small breasts. If you haven’t known about this before, Christina Hendricks was a model from the age of 18. Here, you can see that her breast size was different if compared with the breasts that Christina Hendricks has now.

What are the plastic surgeries she have?

There are some speculations which can be taken in the public. Many people have assumed that Christina Hendricks has undergone some plastic surgeries to have nice breasts. Here, the plastic surgeries which have been speculated are breast implants, botox injections, and also rhinoplasty. If we talk about which one of them which gives the most significant effect, we can assume that Christina Hendricks has had botox injections. Why? Because in her age – 39th – this woman doesn’t have wrinkles at all. Besides, another thing which makes Christina different is her face hasn’t become saggy.

Christina Hendricks Boob Job

On the other hand, there is also a speculation that Christina Hendricks has had a nose job. You can see that in the past photes, her nose is more bulbous and rounder. Different with the new photo which shows a pointed and thinner nose. In this case, Christina Hendricks might have had a rhinoplasty to make her noise become well shaped. This is a thing which is commonly done amongst celebrities in this world. However, Christina Hendricks always rejects the assumptions that people give to her.

In an interview which was conducted by the DailyMail, in 2011, Christina expressed her feeling by saying that people who keep talking about her breasts are so bizarre. Moreover, when she was asked about the different shape of her breasts, she answered that she has never done such a thing. Because of that statement, the rumor of Christina Hendricks Boob Job is still floating in the air.

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