Botox and Cheeks Augmentation on Kelli Giddish Plastic Surgery

Kelli Giddish is one of most popular actress that star many drama and movie. One of the most popular drama, and maybe most of you know her from, is Law & Order series. She played as Detective Amanda Rollins on that successful drama series. However, the other thing that also makes her popular is the news about her did some plastic surgery in the future. The Kelli Giddish Plastic Surgery news is even more popular than what she achieves from that drama. The main reason why people put some suspicion on celebrity that they did some plastic surgery is two. There are big changes on that celebrity appearance or that celebrity doesn’t change, even though we compare it with her/his previous photo. Kelli is included to the latest group.

Kelli Giddish Plastic Surgery 1

If you compare Kelli’s photo from her old drama or issue on magazine, we can see that there is almost no changes. And, even though there is a change, it makes her looks younger. Because of this thing, many people suspected that Kelli had plastic surgery. In any case, she did some facelift and Botox injection to make her face looks younger. The part that we can see clearly that there are some of “touch” on it is her forehead. There are almost no wrinkles. Because of this condition, the Botox injection suspicion arises.

Kelli Giddish Plastic Surgery 2

We all know that Kelli is still 37 years old. And, women in this age usually don’t have too much problem with wrinkles. But, as many people know, Hollywood celebrity always seek for perfection, so they can looks great in front of camera. And apparently, Kelli also did the same. We suspect that she didn’t have excessive Botox injection on her forehead. Therefore, it’s still looks quite natural. And, this is actually good thing, because having too much Botox injection will only lead to bad effect later. So, we can say that she did plastic surgery with Botox injection, but in normal degree.

Kelli Giddish Plastic Surgery 3

But, it’s not only Botox injection. Kelli seems also did something with her cheeks. Compared to her old photos, we can see that Kelli has fuller cheeks than before. This condition can’t be achieved without plastic surgery. And, we can say that she had facelift. More than that, there is also trace that she uses filler injection to add more volume to her cheeks. You can see the trace of this filler, if you see her cheeks surface. It looks really smooth and full.

Kelli Giddish Plastic Surgery 4

Basically, the flawless and smooth as silk of Kelli’s face can’t be achieved with simple method. Diet or beauty treatment is almost impossible to get that result. So, we can say that she really did some plastic surgery. We never heard any deny or confirmation from Kelli about this matter. However, we can say that she did great job with her plastic surgery or any surgery treatment for her face. We can see that she looks beautiful with her face today. After all, aging is the one of most serious problem that all people have to face. And this can be the solution that Kelli used to solve that problem.

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